Process Journal Edition Ten Process Journal: Edition Ten

Process Journal: Edition 10

Posted: April 30, 2014 by: Thomas

Process Journal Edition Ten has arrived! Taking on the same revised format of Edition Nine, Edition Ten is our first City Profile, and what better city to focus on than the Empire City itself, New York. Shortly after we commenced our research on the edition, we quickly realised that we were in the process of making something pretty special. With such an incredible range of talent, work and diversity, we were absolutely spoilt for choice with our contributors and could have easily made this edition twice as long.

Unlike previous editions, having the ability to specifically research a subject/location within the field of graphic design has proven to be incredibly insightful, and we feel this has resulted in more in-depth and revealing content than we have ever before produced. Our incredible line-up includes the likes of Michael Rock (2x4), RoAndCo, Triboro, Commercial Type, Pentagram and an essay by one of the most fascinating people we’ve come across in a while, Jeffrey Ludlow (2x4). As part of this edition, we were fortunate enough to visit New York ourselves and spend some time with Pentagram partners Natasha Jen and Eddie Opara in their beautiful New York office. As mentioned, we have also revisited Edition Four contributor Christian Schwartz (Commercial Type) from whom, along with partner Paul Barnes, we have gained fascinating insight into their world of all things typographical. And finally (as you may have already noticed), we were lucky enough to secure the talents of Triboro for their bespoke cover typography.

Process Journal Edition Ten, and subscriptions starting with Edition Ten are now available with free shipping worldwide from our online store.

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