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Introducing Nourished Journal

Posted: May 13, 2014 by: Thomas

As you may have caught a glimpse on Instagram last week, we are excited to announce that we currently have a new publication in development. Titled Nourished Journal, Nourished is a contemporary wellness & lifestyle periodical, released bi-annually. With a holistic view, Nourished will provide a unique insight into: food & nutrition, health & wellbeing, travel and beauty. Sourced both locally and globally, Nourished will feature carefully curated content, which aims to inform and inspire its readers to live a healthy enriched life – from the inside out.

Working with leading industry professionals Nourished’s editorial direction is built on a foundation of knowledge and insight. With a wide range of contributors across multiple disciplines, Nourished’s content is as comprehensive as it is diverse. Featuring profiles, interviews, guides, recipes and editorial content.

We are particularly excited about Nourished, as it represents a new editorial direction for our publications and further expansion of the disciplines in which we publish. After much consideration, Nourished felt like the right next step for us, and will sit comfortably in our line up, nestled between Made Quarterly and Process Journal. Like all of our publications, Nourished will feature beautiful paper stocks and have its own on design direction that reflects the content of the publication.

So far this year, we’ve traveled to the US and around Australia, sourcing some incredible content and we can’t wait to share it with you. We’ll be aiming to launch Nourished in the coming months and will be announcing an exact launch date soon. In the meantime to be kept up to date on all things Nourished, follow and subscribe at:

Instagram: @nourishedjournal
Twitter: @nourishedjnl
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Photo Credit: Folkert Gorter (Superfamous)

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