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House by Minimalux

Posted: October 20, 2014 by: Thomas

MADE Edition Two contributor Minimalux recently unveiled their first major London exhibition titled “House”. The exhibition was shown in the vibrant area of Shoreditch during the London Design Festival.

A light filled, spectacularly modern townhouse was stripped bare to provide Minimalux with a series of open plan areas for installations of their entire collection including new products - NEON, BOWER & HASH.

The exhibition also featured collaborations with London based watch brand Uniform Wares, in addition to specially invited guest exhibits from E15, Established & Sons and Muller Van Severen.

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Image Credits
01: Neon Group
02: Minimalux House
03: Minimalux House
04: Hash Stainless Steel
05: Hash Stainless Steel
06: Hash Brass
07: Hash Brass

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